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"Analysis and customization of the windowing process for the optimization of your production"

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ACES maintains a permanent, high speed, efficient, in-house window machine and provides outsource service for your window patching needs. Whether you do not own a window machine, or you are under-capacity for your carton windowing workload, or your machine is broke down or inefficient. let ACES do your carton windowing for you. With over a quarter century of experience, ranging from old style cello machines to modern computer controlled equipment, ACES has the knowledge and experience to run YOUR job reliably, efficiently, and to the highest standards of quality. To top it off, with low overhead costs and extremely efficient operating processes, ACES may even run your window patch workload at a lower overall cost than you can run your own work in house! Call or email Don for an immediate quote today. Simply be prepared to provide die-line drawing of the work you need (or at least an accurate verbal description), window material type and thickness, and the quantity expected to run and ACES can provide a quote for you in just minutes.



ACES, Inc. was founded on the premise that no machine, despite claims to the contrary, is ideally suited for every application within its given industry. Our quest is to recognize the requirements of our customerís specific application, whether common or unusual, and offer the products and services that will allow our customers to reach or exceed production goals.


Specializing in the windowing process in the Folding Carton and Corrugated Industries, ACES, Inc. offers service and custom products for existing window machines of any manufacture, especially Heiber and Schroeder (H+S) and Kohmann.




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4 lanes @ 1600 ppm = 96,000 pph!!!